Tribe 7


Passion, grit and integrity are synonymous with Lacrosse - both players and their families put everything they can into the sport they love. The lacrosse community is competitive, and we all want to win. However, as a community we enjoy the friendships and comradery we forge with teammates, families and even opponents. We become a tribe, united by a common interest in excelling in the world of lacrosse. T7NA Lacrosse recognizes this importance of community and has infused it in our mission to improve the game of lacrosse from coast to coast.

T7NA was founded by a lacrosse community that stood in defiance to the creeping increases in the price to play their beloved sport. Big lacrosse companies began to price potential players out of the sport, and we knew something had to be done. So, we set out to provide the community with cutting-edge technology, higher performance equipment with true durability and most importantly, fairer prices for players of all levels. Our tribe quickly began to grow.

So who is T7NA Lacrosse? T7NA is a lacrosse equipment manufacturer founded in 2009 on the intention of producing durable and affordable lacrosse equipment for all players from a beginner to an advanced/college/Pro player. We pride ourselves on the research and development we have done since our launch which has allowed our equipment technology to compete with the biggest brands in the game at a fraction of the cost.

Our goal is to give back to the sport that helped shape the trajectory of our lives. Our job is to provide the highest performance gear to our tribe at prices that are sustainable. Your job is to take your game to the next level while having fun playing the sport you love.

Why are our prices lower than most of the big-name lacrosse companies?
Rest assured, it is not due to shortcuts in manufacturing, materials or engineering. In fact we pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our equipment and don't hesitate to boast about the innumerable testimonials we receive from players from beginner to Pro.
It's simple, our prices are not low - our competitors' prices are too high. T7NA is a manufacturer and direct seller which allows us to eliminate the 'middlemen' and the associate retail 'price markup' that other lacrosse gear manufacturers unfortunately cannot avoid.

T7NA Lacrosse is on a mission to change the game from the inside out. You can help!

Join the Tribe and experience state-of-the-industry advances in equipment engineering. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.