Let us Reintroduce Ourselves

Let us Reintroduce Ourselves

Let us reintroduce ourselves: we are One Lax — a lacrosse equipment company committed to innovation, expertise and competition. Partnering with athletes to empower the lacrosse community, One Lax aims to inspire those who love the game to achieve new levels of performance.

We experience the power of teamwork and collaboration on the field and the floor. One Lax is a celebration of The Creator’s Game and represents unity, collaboration and inclusion. We come together to play this incredible sport and we look forward to working with athletes on the field and the floor.

We are also excited to announce we are in conversations with several highly reputable organizations involved with Indigenous athletes. Working with the right organizations to have the best impact is important to us. Thank you for your patience as we determine how One Lax will be an active, supportive partner in the development of Indigenous athletes and improving competition at the highest levels of lacrosse with their talent. We hope to announce this partnership soon.

One sport. One community. One Lax.

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